Saturday, March 24, 2012

Faith Mugs

I've had this idea for some time now, and have finally cleared off enough of my list of things to do and have posted a new mug - The Faith Mug. It's basically a Personalized Thumb Rest mug except that instead of a letter for the thumb rest, there are thumb rests of the major religions to choose from. I really like the look!

Faith Mug with Hindu thumb rest.

Faith Mug with Christian thumb rest.
Faith Mug with Judaic thumb rest.
Faith Mug with Muslim thumb rest.
A selection of thumb rests for the Faith Mugs.

For pricing and ordering information click this link. To see the entire selection of mugs and mug products, go to Mug Revolution's home page.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Nurturing Mug!

I'm so very pleased to introduce the newest mug to the Mug Revolution lineup - please say hello to The Nurturing Mug! By no small coincidence, this mug is available in time for Mother's Day. Pre-orders will ship on April 21, 2012. (Here's the link to the order page.) Give a gift that Mom will enjoy and use daily!

The Nurturing Mug from Mug Revolution
(click to enlarge)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unloading the kiln

I unloaded the kiln yesterday and as always felt about as alive as I imagine a rock climber ascending Monkey Face at Smith Rock does - terrified, exhilarated, on the edge - but fully, totally, absolutely ALIVE! It's not that I might slip and fall to my death. It's the thought that the previous month's labor and love may have been tossed over the cliff to the jagged rocks below by a mischievous kiln god.

I don't fully exhale until the last mug is out of the kiln, and I have had no major disasters.

Today is Sunday and I'm looking forward to a full day of packing up mugs that will make their way across Canada and the USA (and one to France) to their new homes.

Shown in the photo are two prize mugs for next month's Capitol Peak ultra marathon races in Olympia, Washington.