Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mugwonderful Christmas Gift Ideas!

It's getting close! With under three weeks left until Christmas, there's still time to give some fabulous mugs from Mug Revolution! I thought I'd show you some of the mugs that are still in stock and ship out right away.

First up is the soup mug. These mugs are versatile and can be used for lattes, soup, and just a general purpose bowl. I like them because I often heat up food in the microwave, and the handle does not get hot, making it easy to pull out. Soup Mug ordering info!

For your friends or relatives who love dogs, check out the Dog Lover's Mug! These puppies are quite popular. (I hear you groan, bad pun, but I simply couldn't resist!) Dog Lover's Mug ordering info!

While it's too late to order a Paw Print Mug as a gift, the Paw Print Kit makes a great gift! You can add a gift certificate to your gift to cover the cost of the mug-perfect! Paw Print Mugs ordering info!

The Classic Mug is our most popular mug. Supplies are getting low, but there are plenty of the 8 oz. mug in stock. This little mug is perfect for children or for people who like espresso or any beverage in small quantities. Classic Mugs ordering info!

And finally, if you want to give the gift of mugs but simply don't know what exactly to give, here's a solution: Gift Certificates!

Hopefully you are now armed with a time saving, gift giving set of ideas! Have a wonderful day!