Friday, September 30, 2011

Three new mugs added to the Mug Store!

In 2005, Mug Revolution went into business with just one mug - the 16 oz. Classic Mug, and available in one color: Green-Blue. Shortly thereafter, my wife convinced me to add a blue glaze to the color choices. And not long after that, my mother-in-law asked me to make some 12 oz. mugs, and this size was soon added to the Mug Store.

Of course since the first days of Mug Revolution a lot has changed. There are now six color choices and 25 different mugs to choose from. I find this to be amazing!

And now I'm very pleased and excited to announce the addition of three new mug products to the Mug Store.

First of all, when I add a new logo mug to the line-up, it is not usually an instant thing. There are months and months of work with graphic designers, variations are made with different effects in the stamps, sample mugs are made and shown to people for feedback, adjustments are made, and if all goes well, a new mug emerges and is added to the Mug Store at Mug Revolution.

The first new mug to introduce, was designed by Bend, Oregon artist Robert Killen. This one is a lovely Celtic Hummingbird Mug design and is available with the design only as well as with personalization.

The Celtic Hummingbird Mug as seen in Galway, Ireland! (click to enlarge)

The second new mug was designed by Bend, Oregon artists Paul Jones and Mark Blackwell. The Mountain Biker's Mug is available as a logo-only mug or with personalization.

The Mountain Biker's Mug (click to enlarge)
And finally I'd like to introduce the Personalized Thumb Rest Mug. Folks who want a personalized mug with a bit more pizazz can get the initial of the name on the mug put on the thumb rest. It's also possible to put up to two numerals on the thumb rest - this would be a perfect gift for a birthday present.
The Personalized Thumb Rest Mug (click to enlarge)
I hope you enjoy the new mugs! As always I wish to extend my gratitude to you for supporting handmade coffee mugs made in the studio pottery tradition - without you, there would be no mug store, and I would not be doing what I absolutely love to do for a living!