Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feature Mug: The Bend, Oregon Mug

For those of us lucky enough to live in Bend, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the natural beauty that surrounds us. All that's needed, in the midst of a busy day, is to take a momentary break and just look at the breathtaking views we have here. The gorgeous Bend, Oregon Mug logo captures one such Central Oregon landscape. The logo depicts juniper trees, sagebrush, the Cascade mountains and Canada geese.
I get so busy in my day to day life that I forget how lucky I am to live here. But, every day, whether I want to or not, Kelty, our Border Collie, lets me know she needs her walk, and on our walks I am reminded just how wonderful it is to live in such a gorgeous place.
If you're interested, here's more info on the Bend Oregon Mug!
That's all for now–busy days indeed in the studio. I shipped out a couple of hundred mugs last Monday and am working on the last batch of 250 mugs to be shipped on December 14th.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Days!

Here it is, just over a month before Christmas. This has been one fast year, I'll tell you! The big news is Mug Revolution's new website which is getting rave reviews. The site was developed by Island Pinnick, a Bend, Oregon web developer. The photography was done by Joseph Eastburn, also from Bend. Amazingly talented folks, and I was fortunate to have them collaborate to make the site so beautiful, and so functional. Thanks again Island and Joseph, you guys truly rock!
The site launched on October 2. Since that time I've been super busy with orders. Sales have gone up overall this year, which is amazing considering the economy. Fortunately, my mugs are a) really nice and b) affordable, and they do make nice gifts. I could say that I was smart to focus on making mugs, but really, I've always loved making mugs and if anything I am very fortunate.
I'll keep this short for now- even though I just fired the glaze kiln yesterday, I've got to get the next batch started so I can ship them in time for Christmas.
If you've read this far, I've got a little treat for you. If you would like to order a personalized mug for Christmas, and you would like a stylish thumb rest with the first initial of the name on it, as pictured at the top of this post, I will do the thumb rest for free. All you have to do when ordering is indicate in the comments section in the shopping cart that you saw this offer on Mug Revolution's blog, and that you would like the thumb rest.
I have not had a chance to add this product to the website, and likely won't until after the holidays.
Take care of yourself as we go through what is both a wonderful and at the same time stressful time of year.
All the best to you!