Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Mugs and Just a Barber? Not!

This is my barber, Bill Carpenter, here in Bend, Oregon. His shop is called "Just a Barber". It's just a little misleading, the name of his barber shop. He's a lot more than just a barber, though he doesn't want you to think that–he's pretty modest. You see, not only is Bill the kind of barber who knows everyone and can talk about almost any topic with some authority, but he and I have a little secret that I'm about to share with you.

He gets mugs from me.

And every 6 weeks or so when I go in, both for a good conversation and a trim, I see these mugs and I think about how dang cool that is.

We typically have far ranging discussions as he is doing his work to make me look less shaggy. For instance, today we talked about the following things over 25 minutes: bicycle racing, baseball, local fall elections, Christianity, Buddhism, the dynamics of person-to-person versus group-to-group relations, psilocybin, Hawaii, oversized hail, riding bikes on the old McKenzie Highway, swimming versus walking the butte, personal responsibility, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. During that time he had two phone calls and one walk-in for appointments. All the while he's working on the old mop-top.

Each fall he usually asks me to make him some personalized logo mugs to give to his clients at Christmas. Last year he wanted shave mugs made. They were a big hit, he tells me.

Can't put it into words, how great Bill is, really. You know, your hair grows, you need it cut, that's universal. I think Bill's artistry is the fact that even though our town is big, it feels like a small town when you enter his shop, and it feels like a small town long after you've left it.


Emily said...

Aw Owen, I'll have him read this later when he gets home. :)

Anonymous said...

Owen my friend you are totally awesome, and oh by the way you are a pretty good potter too. I love the mugs…… and lather mugs for shaving to.
Just A Barber

Anonymous said...

I have a personalized mug from Owen too. I get a little cranky if my mug is not available every morning. I love how it feels in my hands. Something about the size and comfort of the handle. It's hard to explain, kinda like a good bicycle seat.
Bill the barber sounds like a great guy. I'm going to tell the mop tops in my family about him.

Anonymous said...

Owen, Your mug enhances my coffee experience - it fits the curve of my hand and the curl of my lips! Bill may be more than Just a Barber (with his gift of gab) and the appealing warmth of his barbershop but my personalized mug, its weight, and perfect size add to the moments I take for myself~ Thanks for thinking about the little details that make the mug so much more than just a cup! Owen thanks for all you do! The reflections and the posting:) Ann

Abbey said...

Thanks Owen! This was a really cool article, not that I am at all bias. Oh by the way, we still love our mugs!